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Smart Forms

The vast majority of pdf forms are static.  They have fixed locations for fields and the form is whatever you see.  The first level of addition to a static form is calculation.  We still don't consider that a smart form.  A lot of interesting  things can be done with a pdf form but people just don't ask.  To get your creative juices and curiosity flowing, we'll list a few things below.


Calculations are not only for dynamic pdf forms but we'll put the information here anyway.

Basic calculations such as add, subtract, multiply and divide are no problem at all and usually included.  We can go way beyond that and add all sorts of complex calculations including exponents.


We can also create forms where items change color base on values entered into a field or set of fields.  For example, if a value is less than 120 the background would be green.  If between 120 and 160, orange and if above 160, red. 


Expanding form


Add-page:  One client needed a form for entering results of an event but didn't know how many contestants would attend.  They needed up to 20 pages that were all identical but didn't want 15 empty pages for smaller events.  We created a form that started with one page and had an "add page" button that added an extra page whenever needed.


Add section:  You aren't limited to adding pages.  You can add lines or sets of line.  The added portion is appended to an existing page until there isn't enough room.  At that time an extra page is added.  You may have multiple section types to add with a button for each.


Growing text fields:  You may need a narrative answer to a question and want the space to grow with the amount of text entered.  We can create that capability with an expanding text field with auto-wrap.  Very cool.


Dynamic Field Control 

This feature is useful for order forms with lots of options.  Do you have a problem with people selecting combinations of options that are mutually exclusive?   If so, this is your solution.  We are creating a form for a printer with two controlling variables.  The form starts with all fields unfillable until the two controlling variables are selected.  At that point, some fields are pre-filled and others are activated to allow user input.  All not-applicable fields are gray and inactive.   This is a lot easier than trying to write explanations on combinations are supported.


Influencing or controlling fields

There are times you want  to allow selection of a topic using a drop-down list.  Select an item and a number of fields are automatically filled.  It saves time for the user and avoids errors. 

Selection list of a drop down varies with a previous selection.  An example of this is something we did for a client's report.  The main drop-down list was account name (in this case a store).  Once a store was selected (for example Saks), the drop down list for Branch was populated with the branch names of Saks stores.


There is too much to write or show.  If you have an idea, just call.


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